New Patient Special

New Patient Special at the Dental Retreat

At the Dental Retreat, we get them every month – that patient that hasn’t been to the dentist in years. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many patients simply ignore going to the dentist because their teeth are completely fine… until they’re not. 

At the Dental Retreat, we’ve made our new patient experience a great one!

New Patients at the Dental Retreat recieve a large care package at absolutely no cost to the patient, that includes:

  • Full 3-Dimensional scan of your teeth and jaw. This highly advanced technological procedure allows our dental team to make a detailed analysis of your dental situation, enabling us to make pinpoint accurate diagnoses and recommendations
  • Oral Cancer Screenings via our Velscope device.This can save lives!
  • Quality 1 on 1 time with our dentist. This is a very valuable time where we sit down with you and share all the details and information going on with your dental health. We make several recommendations on how to address your problems, and let you make the decision. There’s absolutely no pressure involved.

Ultimately, our goal is to show to all new patients that the Dentist doesn’t have to be a scary place! The Dental Retreat at Mountain Park has carefully crafted an experience just for new patients to make you feel comfortable, respected, and ultimately have a peace of mind knowing that any Dental problems you have can be fixed at the Dental Retreat.

How long has it been since you’ve been to the Dentist?

We can’t wait to meet you!

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