At The Dental Retreat believe in a single guiding principle: do right by the patient – every time. Every situation is different, but that constant thought ensures our patients know we put them first each and every day. We are committed to their comfort, their wellbeing, and their overall peace of mind. We invest a lot into ensuring you have a wonderful experience at our practice – from start to finish.

  • Patient comfort is our top priority. We understand the fear and anxiety that comes along with Dentist appointments. We’re here to minimize that!
  • We educate patients on their particular situation and present the best options so that they can choose their own course of treatment – there’s no pressure from us.
  • We believe in utilizing the best technology so that our patients can have the most accurate diagnosis along with the most comfortable dental care. The world of dental technology is always improving – and The Dental Retreat is right there with
  • Our commitment to excellence allows us to offer all the dental services you need under one roof. Our patients love not being sent off to another office. We aim to keep everything you need under one roof!

CBCT / 3D Imaging

At The Dental Retreat, we have an amazing tool known as a Cone Beam that allows us to view any point in your mouth, from multiple angles, in all three dimensions. This technology is crucial to properly diagnose issues on both the inside of teeth and under the gums. Furthermore, CBCT / 3D Imaging allows us to discuss our findings with the patient on a tv right in front of them – and best of all it delivers very little radiation compared to traditional methods.

iTero Digital Scanning

This device allows us to make a digital model of your mouth by simply scanning it with a small camera. We can use these models to communicate directly with our lab, eliminating the need for messy impression “goop”. Whether you need a single crown or clear aligners for straighter teeth, the iTero can help!

DEKA CO2 Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft tissue laser allows us to perform a variety of traditional procedures with a new age spin. Using a laser instead of a scalpel means less bleeding and faster healing times for the patient. Our laser dentistry is just another way that we combine modern technology with dental treatment. We can also perform gum disease treatments without the need for making any incisions at all, giving the patient an experience that is much more enjoyable.


PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin)

 The Dental Retreat is proud to offer PRF to our patients! It’s an advanced procedure that is done with all extractions or surgeries where we create autologous platelet concentrate from the patient’s own blood, and then use it to stop bleeding and greatly speed up the healing process! In laymen’s terms, we collect a bunch of healing cells and create a platelet membrane from them, which is used to heal the surgical site faster.

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